Mrs. Laura Spitzer


Laura Spitzer was born in New York City and even though significant parts of her life she has lived elsewhere, she still considers herself a New Yorker.  She grew up dabbling in the arts, taking dance classes, painting, ceramics, violin, playing a lot of house, riding her bike, and playing kick the can and hide and seek with the kids in the neighborhood.

Her last year in high school she attended an alternative school where the students participated in the decisions about how to run the school including what classes to offer.  She called her teachers by their first names, had classes with only 5 other students, and went on a road trip to the South for two weeks for a class on Southern Literature and Culture.  She also did not learn enough math or science (but has since made up for that).

Ms. Spitzer never planned on a career in education but when her plans to be a Broadway star or a modern dancer fell through, she made some serious choices.  She attended Barnard College and then graduate school at Columbia University where she studied art history.  To do research on the art along medieval pilgrimage roads, she and her husband lived for a year in Paris and traveled extensively in Italy, France, and northern Spain.  Upon returning to the states, Ms. Spitzer taught art history at Columbia University, Bucknell, and even local Los Angeles colleges such as Occidental, CSUN, and Art Center College of Design.  Her last art history job was with the Getty Center as a writer for the on-line databank of their collections.

Despite what may seem to be a circuitous route to Franklin, Ms. Spitzer feels that all her various interests come together in her work as a teacher.  She loves engaging with students and their families, enjoys learning new things, and is a strong advocate for arts education.   She gets a special joy when her former students and their parents visit and update her because she really does feel that once you've been in her classroom, you're part of her family!