Mrs. Wendy Perez


10 Fascinating (!) Things You Never Knew About Me by Mrs. Wendy Bescher Perez

1.     I grew up in Waterloo, Iowa.  After high school I set off for Illinois to Rockford College, a 4-year private school.  I stayed there for a few years before transferring to Radford University in Virginia (near Roanoke).  It took another handful of years before I made the decision to get my teaching credential, which I was fortunate to earn through LAUSD's District Intern Program.

2.    I spent my junior year of high school as a Rotary Exchange Student to Orange, New South Wales, Australia.  It totally changed my life!  I just never knew there was such a big world out there.  Also, at home I was being raised by my single mom.  Living with ready-made families and having exchange-siblings was really great.  I learned so much!

3.    I was an English major when I first entered college.  When I transferred after my junior year, I switched to FASHION DESIGN!  This may have been my first true love.  I used to just live and dream it!  When I came out to Los Angeles, I did a little freelance work and eventually became a designer of? shoulder pads!!  I did enjoy it, but the more time I spent in the industry, the more I came to the conclusion that 1) I didn't have the competitive nature needed to make it as a women's wear designer, and 2) the only way to make it (by my estimation) was to exploit labor in production.  It was a bit of a heartbreak, but it was made easier knowing that out here, unlike where I came from (again by my estimation), there certainly was no creative void that needed to be filled.  I took comfort knowing that the job was being done so well - somehow - without me.

 4.    I was fortunate enough to have the spectacular Maya Angelou as one of my professors when I was in school in Virginia.  Now SHE was fascinating!  I only regret that I was too young to really appreciate all she had to offer.

5.    After a thrilling stint in retail (before the shoulder pads), I became a personal assistant to a celebrity.  It seemed like a dream to go from de-tasseling corn to spending time on movie sets and handling fan mail! 

6.    I love mariachi music!

7.    I love to read.  There are so many favorites; Isabel Allende is right at the top (for grown ups).  I think The Tale of Despereaux and The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane are two of the best written (juvenile) novels ever!

8.    When I began substitute teaching I didn't waste any time taking advantage of those summers off.  What a gift!  A month + a backpack + El Salvador, and later Guatemala, Mexico... and then I started having children.  Summers are a little different now, but still busy and enjoyable!
9.    I thought I had a great life before, but finding Mr. Perez (and becoming Mrs. Perez) and starting a family really kicked it up a notch.  I love being a mom!

10.    I've had my own classroom since 1997 and I think teaching is the best job in the world.  Certainly there are some days when I just don't think I'll make it, but, truly, even the bad days are good (politics aside).  Seven-year-olds allow you to start fresh every day.  They don't hold grudges and our roles are pretty clear... And they're cute!  And they say the funniest things.  Where else do you get that?  I feel so lucky to have found such a great family at Franklin!