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Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. We hope you find some helpful information about your child's education. Please check back often, as we will be continuing to add and update our site.

Great Links for Kids and Parents

LAUSD Parent Pages


Language Arts

California Treasures- Our new reading series

Starfall - Great website for practicing phonics, word building and basic reading skills

History/Social Sciences

National Geographic for Kids - Adventure and exploration, nature, and geography

History Channel - Features like "This Day in History" and discussions about current and historical events; there are ads on this site

Colonial Williamsburg - Official website for information about Colonial Williamsburg


National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - Activities/tools that help students understand math concepts

Cool Math 4 Kids - Activities/Games for building math skills

Study Jams Math - Interactive Math support and activities


FOSS - Our Science program website; click on your child's grade level for grade-specific information and activities

Weather Channel - Lots of weather, all the time - There are lots of weather resources here, but also lots of ads

NASA - NASA's website for students

NASA International Space Station - website for the International Space Station including current events on board and a map tracking the ISS's placement around the Earth

California Earthquake Map - United States Geologial Survey current map of earthquake activity throughout California

Amazing Space - Interactive Space website including Hubble Space Telescope photographs

Cells Alive! - Interactive website about different types of cells

Chem4Kids - Interactive Chemistry website for all levels

Study Jams Science - Interactive website for all science topics


Kid Friendly Websites

NY Times for Kids - The New York Times' Kids' Section has features like "Word of the Day," "News of the Day" (kid-friendly information about current events, "Ask a Reporter," puzzles, quizzes, and more.

Discovery for Kids - Study tools, games, and learning adventures

Los Angeles Public Library for Kids - Homework help, book lists, activities, online book request/ordering

PBS Kids - Great website that is kid friendly and includes many academic games.

PBS - Explore public broadcasting offerings, interviews with authors, artists, politicians, etc. Kids section with games, activities, and research links

AskKids - Formerly Ask Jeeves...good search engine, game website for kids

Academic Games

Arcademic Skill Builders - Speed Games that review Math, Geography & Language Arts key concepts

Fun Brain - Games and activities in all subject areas; also contains homework support

Famous Authors

J.K. Rowling - Famous Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling's website

Roald Dahl - Here is a site all about the famous kids author Roald Dahl - his life and his works.

Eric Carle - Famous author of colorful kids books; website contains, activities, pictures, and resources that link with his famous books (Caterpillar Exchange)

Beverly Cleary - Website for Beverly Cleary books as well as other resources, games and activities

Lemony Snicket - Famous author of Series of Unfortunate Events and includes books, extra excerpts and great activities (Dire Diversions)

Judy Moody - Website of book information and activities for Judy Moody series

Junie B. Jones - Website for book information and activities for Junie B. Jones series

Stone Soup - Stone Soup is a magazine comprised of writings and artwork by young authors. Great for avid readers, writers, and artists






Like to become a volunteer?  We welcome all that would like to volunteer daily, weekly and monthly.  Please go to and apply.  Once the application has been submitted electronically please bring a copy of the online application and a TB test that is less than 4 years old to the school office.  All applications will be checked against the California Megan's Law online data base for sex offenders.  Completed and approved applications will be submitted to the Parent Community Services Branch and an ID badge will be sent to the school.  Applicants can begin service at the school once contacted by school staff.


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