Mrs. Judy Murray

Personal Profile:  Busy mom of 2; both currently attend Franklin (daughter Erin, 5th grade, and son James, 2nd grade).  Married to actor Christopher Murray.  Of interest:  I'm an LAUSD product (and proud of it!).  I attended Brentwood Elementary, Paul Revere Jr. High,  and Palisades High.

Schools/Classes Taught:  Franklin Avenue Elem. 8/94 - Present
Grades taught:  Kindergarten, 3rd, 4th, and 5th.
Current position:  4th grade (I'm starting my 11th consecutive year teaching this grade.)

Education:  BA - UC Berkeley 1984
                   BA - French Literature - UC Berkeley 1984
                   M.Ed - UCLA 1994

Achievements:  I know I am listed in the "Who's Who of Teachers", but I need to look for the year that happened.
(note from the website are a Who's Who of Teachers every year Judy!)

Hobbies/Special Interests:  In addition to my 2 full-time jobs (Mom/Teacher), I enjoy the following:
Swimming (a mile every other day, when life allows me the time to do it!)
Home Improvement (in my next life my home will look EXACTLY the way I want it to!)
Following NCAA Football (my husband and I are long-time UCLA season ticket holders)
Spending time with friends (many of whom I've met at Franklin, "my other family")