Aleman, Rosalinda Kindergarten Teacher
Austin, Senisa Kindergarten Teacher
Bacruban, Gabrielle 5th Grade Teacher
Banks, Janet 2nd Grade Teacher
Barbier, Karina 3rd Grade Teacher
Barth, Amber 4th and 5th Grades Teacher
Garvey, Jean Kindergarten Teacher
Hasuike, Debbie 1st Grade Teacher
Hernandez, Greg 2nd Grade Teacher
Horiuchi, Edna 3rd Grade Teacher
Hovsepian, Ashkhen 1st Grade Teacher
Juarez, Jessica 3rd Grade Teacher
Motzkus, Heidi RSP Teacher
Munro, Shona 3rd Grade Teacher
Murray, Judy 4th Grade Teacher
Perez, Wendy 2nd Grade Teacher
Pineda, Iris Kindergarten Teacher
Ramaya, Christina Instructional Coach/ Intervention Coordinator
Schultz, Colleen 1st Grade Teacher
Spitzer, Laura 4th Grade Teacher
Waimrin, Christina 1st and 2nd Grades Teacher
Wong, Dennis 5th Grade Teacher

Welcome Families!

You are welcome to contact us via email using the links (mail icons) to the left. If a teacher does not have a link, then they do not have an email address available for the website.  Please be aware that we try and follow internet communication protocols, and we may return your email via phone call, snail mail, or in person. You can also click on a teacher's name to take you to their personal website. (Not all teachers have created sites as of now.)


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